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Business Conference

About the American Equity Roundtable

The American Equity Roundtable is the nation’s only clearinghouse to bridge ethical and inclusive advocacy strategies with a business imperative to serve a broader American collective. Corporate Roundtable Members build inclusive coalition advocacy strategies with direct engagement and input for Advisory Roundtable Members comprised of nonprofit leaders from multicultural, differently-abled, LGBTQ, and other underserved communities.


The American Equity Roundtable mission is to find areas of opportunity for corporations and nonprofit leaders to partner on advocacy campaigns that serve the greater good.

Programs and Initiatives

Innovation and Equity Advocacy Campaigns

  • Coalition Agenda Development

  • Coalition Advocacy Campaigns

    • Healthcare

    • Technology & Privacy

    • Taxation

    • Infrastructure


Coalition Services

  • Network Coalition Building

  • Educational Programming

  • Technical Assistance

  • Crisis Communications and Issues Management

  • Quarterly Newsletter/Blog


Academic and Economic Research

  • Fellowship Program

  • White Papers


Annual Executive Retreat

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