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Health and Wellness

Health Equity

Latinas are among the highest rates of uninsured in the US. Combined with issues concerning lack of culturally appropriate care, preventative care, participation in clinical trials, and high disease rates, these are are high priority issues, particularly in light of COVID-19 for our community.

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Financial Literacy

Equal Pay & Retirement

Latinas earn only $0.53 for every $1 earned by white males. 1 in 5 Latinas age 65+ live in poverty. 25% of Latinas have over $20,000 in non-mortgage debt. 80% of Latinas rely on Social Security for the majority of their retirement income. Financial education is central to community education.

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Education and Tech Access

Opportunity & Advancement

Education and access to technology are central to supporting Latino communities. We are committed to closing the digital divide, providing equal access to educational opportunities, advocating for appropriate educational funding, protecting students from hate speech, promoting STEM education and protecting Title IX mandates.

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Environmental Wellness

Climate Justice

Environmental issues have become among the top concerns of Hispanics in the United States. Climate change and global warming, pollution, and other man-made climate issues are increasingly becoming voting issues for Latinos.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Representation Matters

Latinas represent a small portion of women in leadership positions from Corporate America to Congress to Hollywood. Our efforts are to see Latinas represented in all areas commensurate with our population size.

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Immigration Reform

Humane Solutions

With the Hispanic population in the United States growing at unprecedented rates, the country is also seeing a rise in anti-immigrant legislation and sentiment. Millions of Hispanics are currently working and seeking education in the shadows and deserve the opportunity to legitimize their status.

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